"In the early 1900s, 'form follows function' became the mantra of modern architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright changed this phrase to 'form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union,' using nature as the best example of this integration."

—Stephen P. Anderson
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In a 2002 study, Stanford University reported that 46% of the test subjects considered "the appeal of the overall visual design" an important factor when evaluating a website’s credibility.

Design & Web Graphics

Origami representing the concept of website design.You want a great looking website. I obsess over page layouts, typography, and color schemes.

I Love Website Design

Once we've collaborated on a content strategy, and collected, organized and optimized the content, it's time to let the fun begin. I'll bring your content to life with color, graphics and typography designed to deliver your message with a punch.

Garnish VS. Meat & Potatoes

Website graphics are like a gorgeously decorated plate of food. The garnish makes your mouth water, and adds to the appeal of the meal and the dining experience, but it's the meat and potatoes that satisfy your hunger.

A great looking website is a valuable asset to your organization; establishing credibility, and adding pleasure to the user experience. It "satisfies their hunger." But the true value is that it supports the content, and makes it easy for visitors to

  • find what they are looking for,
  • and do what they came to your website to do.

Focus on Content

Colleen Jones, Content Science

Interview with Colleen Jones, Principal and Founder of Content Science, Content Strategist and author of CLOUT, The Art & Science of Influential Web Content.

"The Web Consultant"