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In spite of my temporary status and obvious inexperience as a member of the media, the speakers at the 2010 Web2.0 Conference were gracious, patient and of course, interesting and forward thinking.

Web2.0 Conference Speaker Interviews

In 2010, I had the great pleasure of interviewing 4 of the fabulous speakers at the Web2.0 Conference in San Francisco on behalf of I've posted the audio files here. Pull up a chair and have a listen.

The topic descriptions below are boldly borrowed from the conference website.

Upgrade Your Mandate - From User Experience to Customer Experience

Peter Merholz, Founder & President (Adaptive Path)

Your customers lead multi-channel lives. So why are you focused on just one? In this talk, Peter Merholz will lay out a strategy for "Web + 1", connecting the web to other service touchpoints, and how to address the organizational challenges in doing so.

7 minutes

Being Optimally Social – How Not Talking about Your Product Can Bring Huge Rewards

Rand Fishkin, CEO & Co-Founder (SEOmoz), Stephan Spencer, VP of SEO Strategies (Covario)

These two co-authors of O’Reilly’s “The Art of SEO" will go beyond friending, following, digging and tweeting to discuss clever and novel ways to leverage social media, communities, and user-generated content that your organization is likely not doing.

6 minutes

Social Media: A Cautionary Tale

Mike Gotta, Principal Analyst (Burton Group) & Alice Wang, Director (Burton Group)

As social media solutions become more complex, IT organizations are becoming more involved to work with business strategists on ways to mitigate risks. Security, compliance, confidentiality, data loss prevention, brand reputation, and human resource concerns (i.e., ethics/conduct) are issues that organizations cannot ignore.

14 minutes

Web Design Redefined, with Web Fonts

Allan Haley, Director of Words & Letters* (Monotype Imaging)

Typography has often been a thorn in the side of Web designers who have traditionally been confined to a limited number of system fonts or forced to embed type within graphics. New technologies promise to bring Web designers the same level of typographic choice and freedom that print designers enjoy. Discover more about the emerging world of Web typography how it will impact you.

10 minutes

*Don't you just love Allan's title.


Focus on Content

Colleen Jones, Content Science

Interview with Colleen Jones, Principal and Founder of Content Science, Content Strategist and author of CLOUT, The Art & Science of Influential Web Content.

"The Web Consultant"