About Leap of Faith Web Design

Imagine a website that looks great, one that's easy to find, easy to navigate, and easy to use. One that engages and informs people, and keeps them coming back. Imagine it's your website. I do.

A Tad of Background

Leap of Faith is a website planning and design firm located in Sonoma County and founded by Jeri Hastava. (That's me over there on the right.)

I began my professional career in 2004, working for a web design agency in Santa Rosa where I cut my teeth as a content advocate, designer, project manager, front-end developer, CSS cheerleader, and customer care representative.

I wrote web content, functional specs, end-user documentation, and office policies and procedures. I preached web standards, tested fanatically, and drove everyone crazy with my attention to detail.

A self-proclaimed "Content Passionista," I left agency work and founded Leap of Faith Web Design in 2008 in order to focus on web content. Today, I help people plan and design clear, concise and compelling websites that inform, educate and engage the people they want to reach.

What. You Think I Do It All Myself?

Hardly. When I need help, I call in the incredibly talented web professionals I work with who handle everything from frontend development to database development, from content management systems to print marketing and photography.

I'm in awe of them, and what they do. It's a beautiful thing.

Here's What Happened

Jeri A Hastava, Owner & Principal of Leap of Faith Web DesignA late bloomer, I didn't see what all the internet fuss was about until high-speed cable came to town, and the web came alive for me. Newly addicted, I abandoned plans to become a technical writer, and become a web professional instead, continuing to indulge my passion for organizing information.

Keeping the Juices Flowing

There's a lot to stay on top of as a web professional. The internet is advancing at the speed of light, and I keep my chops up by mixing it up with other like-minded folks in the San Francisco / North Bay Area web professional community:

Before High-Speed Cable

In past lives, I was a singer in a country rock band (woohoo!), a wine telemarketer (for 16 years - egad!), a sales manager, a sales trainer and a virtual assistant for a project management consultancy. Being a web professional gives me the freedom to combine my creative juices with my (some would say obsessive) passion for all things "content."


Focus on Content

Colleen Jones, Content Science

Interview with Colleen Jones, Principal and Founder of Content Science, Content Strategist and author of CLOUT, The Art & Science of Influential Web Content.

"The Web Consultant"